Paper StarsThis is just your standard ratings guide page, just so you’re all not like “Huh??” when you see the stars in my reviews!

Rating: (5 / 5)
Oh my God this book is perfect and everything and everything is perfect and I love it and I would shove it down everyone’s throats. I have no complaints about the prose, characters, and plot. Will re-read several times over. It’s that good.

Rating:  (4 / 5)
It’s almost, almost perfect but not quite! I may have one or two minor complaints about either prose, character, or plot. Will still recommend to people. Might be a re-read.

Rating:  (3 / 5)
Eh, it’s okay. There’s nothing super terrible about this book, but there’s nothing outstanding either. Prose, characters, and plot are passable. There might be some minor editing issues that distracted me from the story. Not a re-read.

Rating:  (2 / 5)
There is so much room for improvement. I have major issues with either the prose, characters, or plot. There might be some major editing issues. Not a re-read.

Rating:  (1 / 5)
I rarely, if ever, give this rating out. 
This is reserved for the worst of the worst, the completely irredeemable books. The books that made me want to claw my eyes out, that made me lose faith in humanity. Extremely problematic books may fall under this category. Again, I have never given out a rating of one, but you never know…

Rating: DNF
I did not finish reading this book, simply because I was bored or didn’t agree or felt uncomfortable with the subject matter. Does not necessarily mean it’s a bad book, just that it was definitely not to my personal tastes.