This is me!Hi, I’m Chiqui, and I’m a 30-something YA book addict.

When I was a little girl, my parents took me to a public library and opened my eyes to a world of talking animals, ice-breathing dragons, and journeys of characters I would learn to love just as if they were real.

Since then, I’ve read almost everything I could get my hands on, exchanging Sweet Valley High and RL Stine books with my classmates and friends, talking endlessly about our favorite stories and characters, even making list rankings of top ten hottest fictional boys. Books were a world I could escape to when I’m down, a friend that’s always there for me, and a source of many inspirations.

Or at least, most of them were.

So what about those books that scarred me, and not even in the “this book is so dark and gritty it hurts so good” way; more of in the “good Lord Almighty in Heaven this book is horrendous I think my soul died a little” way?

Well, that’s why this blog was born.

Sometimes I will rave about how books changed me for the better, and that life will never be the same. Sometimes I will rant about how books turned me into a raging lunatic. Sometimes I will post tutorials, opinions, and book hauls, because this is my blog and I do what I want.

Either way, this blog will be one hell of a rainbow reading adventure.

For me, but also, hopefully, for you.

I hope you enjoy your stay! And if you have any YA books you’d like to recommend me, or if you’re an author yourself wanting me to review a book, then feel free to shoot me a line anytime!

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Wherever you’re hanging out on the world wide internets, I’d love to hear from you sometime!

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