Banned Books Week 2016

Banned Books Week – The Unspoken Factor in the Banning of Diverse Books

It’s here, it’s finally here! From September 25 to October 1, the literature world is celebrating Banned Books Week. The theme this year is something close to my heart as a female of color: it’s about celebrating diversity and the books that contain them. I mean, it should be common sense, right? Of course we should celebrate […] Read more…

Top 5 New Teen Book Releases - September

Top 5 New Teen Book Releases – September 2016!

I’m trying out a new post this time around, because lists have always helped me discover new books. I hope this helps you out too! Presenting: The Top 5 New Teen Book Releases list for September 2016 (as rated by Goodreads reviewers)! I’ve compiled this list according to the highest ratings and how many people have rated […] Read more…

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