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Top Ten Tuesday: Things I'm Thankful For!

Top Ten Tuesday – Things I’m Thankful For!

Hey there, beautiful readers! It’s my first top 10 Tuesday post for this blog and this list is about things that I’m thankful for! Though my culture doesn’t really celebrate Thanksgiving, I believe it’s still great to remind myself about the things that make me happy to be alive and in this world today. And since this is […] Read more…

YA Lit Reads Website Revamp

YA Lit Reads Website Revamp!

So if you’re a returning visitor to my website, you might have asked yourself: Is it just me, or does YA Lit Reads look a bit… different? Well, yes! I’ve been thinking about switching up my layout theme to a paid one for a while, so this November I finally did it! Because… November is […] Read more…