Everquest … The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan A Therran Scenario for 5 PCs of level 10 . Well, it’s sort of like a trap, but what it really is is a mini-game. Cookies enable you to enjoy certain features, social sharing functionality, and tailor message and display ads to your interests on our site and others. Coberham and Nob Nar are his two inseparable allies, together with his protegé, Finidel. . The shrine is an ancient Mayan/Aztec pyramid, and the module uses names, monsters, and characters based on that … It's one of the first, if not the first, tournament module ever published as such (although it's worth noting that many famous modules—among them The Tomb of Horrors —first saw life in convention tournaments).. Collectors arcana: This is the tournament version of the highly popular C1 The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan.Very much like its sister Ghost Tower of Inverness this was played at a convention this one at Origins 1979 and sold in limited quantities of 300 numbered copies at the convention. . While supplemented in later sources, the information on the Olman found in The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachanremains … Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan Sunless Citadel Tomb of Horrors White Plume Mountain. It includes a full-color poster map and features over fifty rooms filled with items, monsters, and traps adapted from the original adventure. [4] The characters must penetrate this Mayan-style temple, which is full of tricks and traps. Filed under: Comics & Books, Con Culture, ... nasty monstrosities and wondrous treasures, bastions of light and dungeons full of darkness, … The player charactersexplore a stepped pyramiddeep in the heart of a tropical jungle—the Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan. gvdammerungwrites "The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachanis a treasure house of information on the Olman in the grandest tradition of Greyhawk - development of the setting through adventure modules. New D&D–Tales of the Yawning Portal available Tuesday. Tamoachan is so different, and from such a different era of gaming, that this review will be an overview of the adventure as a whole with discussion of its place in D&D, and its best use at the modern gaming table. When I wrote the DM’s Guide for the Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan adventure from Tales from the Yawning Portal, I really glossed over Area 29, which is the pelota trap. Roll20 uses cookies to improve your experience on our site. Treasure: At the deepest part of the pool is a grotto hidden behind a bed of kelp (Search DC 20). Set deep in Greyhawk's Amedio Jungle, it draws heavily on real-world Aztec/Mayan mythology - the creatures, the names, the puzzles, the decorations and the treasures have all been lovingly crafted with a … In this cave are 6 golden statues worth 85 gp each and a golden mask worth 170 gp. After some investigating, the party figured out that Gellan was the patron of the expedition so they struck a deal - Gellen provides the information, the party does all the work, split … Many dungeons—published and homemade—often contain a multitude of long, empty passageways between rooms. The Treasure Vaults of Lindoran Judges Guild 170 Advanced D&D - some lines are highlighted $25 Inferno Judges Guild 210 Advanced D&D $30. [2] Some of the traps include cursed items, firebombs, and triggered statues. ~ Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan is a Dungeons & dragons roleplaying game adventure designed as an homage to the classic 1980 adventure. What You Need to Play . See more ideas about shrine, dungeons and dragons, dungeons and dragons modules. 20 BOTANY Plant of ... Shrine of Old Makai the Lying Puma. 0 Comment. Some of our people call it Tci apatak, the place of the Mortar." The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan is located somewhere in Chult, the largely-unexplored jungle to the south of the Sword Coast; be sure to substitute references of “Olman” for “Chultan” I fretted that the Shine might turn into a tiresome slog, but play proved me wrong. May 3, 2018 - Explore Kyle Maxwell's board "Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan" on Pinterest. This means he has chainmail armor and wields a glaive. The article goes on with more about monsters and traps, but you get the idea. The greatest treasure for any halfling is in fact the safety of his home and the love of his family. One of my top three favorite modules of all time is undoubtedly The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan by Harold Johnson & Jeff R. Leason.. The encounters are brilliant, but what separates a tournament module like this from a fully fleshed out adventure like Caverns of Thracia is the lack of a compelling backstory. The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan, part 2 The bad guy is named Tloques-Popolocas, which is totally what I'm changing my name to. Don not just read about it, experience it. Savor the Shrine’s ingenuity and the … It includes a full-color poster map and features over fifty rooms filled with items, monsters, and traps adapted from the original adventure. The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan is an adventure module for the Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) fantasy role-playing game, set in the World of Greyhawk campaign setting for use with the 1st edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons rules. W e F o u n d the Hidden Shrine of O l d M a k a i ARCHEOLOGY By RICHARD V A N VALKENBURGH . C1 The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan (1e) Regular price: $4.99 Bundle price: $4.49 Format: PDF This module was originally used for the Official Advanced Dungeons & Dragons tournament at Origins '79, and is the first in the Competition Series. The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan is one such temple. Xipe: With one exception (his innate spells), Xipe the oni from The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan appears to use the default oni stats from the MM. In the last post I gave a quick summary of how the party found the ancient city of Lost Tamoachan. Posted on Thu, August 25, 2005 by Trickster. However, the giant crayfish in The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan (pg 66) can speak Olman. The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan in Chult. The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan through the eyes of a video game designer and creative director! Disclaimer: This play report is my own take on The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan (the 5e version from TofYP).Lots of spoilers below but it’s not a « standard » playthrough of this classic module by any margin. In The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan, the chamber dedicated to Chitza-Atlan is filled with treasures and guarded by a mummified centaur tasked both to prevent any but the dead from entering the other chambers of the temple and to prevent any of the creatures from within the temple from getting out. She entered the shrine. D&D Retro: Hidden Shrine Of Tamoachan – Bell of Lost Souls. The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan is the third adventure in Tales From the Yawning Portal for Dungeons and Dragons from Wizards of the Coast. The background was they overheard people bragging in a tavern that they knew the location of hidden treasure. Hidden Shrine is a potpourri of set-piece encounters. Add | $44.99 Still in Factory Shrinkwrap! Badlands: Pwork Wargames fantasy gaming mat Classic Pwork’s gaming mat with a new amazing graphic! ), and in the shrine the PCs frequently find long, narrow hallways lacking encounters and traps. Ancient mysteries, fiendish traps, and the treasure of a long-forgotten culture await inside The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan!The fifth adventure from Wizards of the Coast’s adventure compilation book, Tales from the Yawning Portal, for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, is now available for D20PRO. The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan 9032 C1 4th printing No Cover - Missing 1.5 Map Tear Out Pages at back $10. ... She knows nothing of the Shrine outside of her room. Tag Archive: The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan. DREAD TALES TOLD IN THE DEAD OF NIGHT When the shadows grow long in Waterdeep and the fireplace in the taproom of the Yawning Portal dims to a deep crimson glow, adventurers from across the Forgotten Realms, and even from other worlds, spin tales and spread rumors of dark dungeons and lost treasures. Dedicated to Zotzilaha, vampire god of the underworld, and built to imprison a powerful Far Realm entity, it is filled with lost secrets and merciless traps." The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan is first and foremost, a wonderfully evocative dungeon crawl. For example, my DM is running "The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan" from Tales from the Yawning Portal (and he still is—no spoilers! atgn.com.au/the-hidden-shrine-of-tamoachan-playthrough-spoilers ~ 44 pages Run it as a race to escape and enjoy the Shrine’s wealth of flavor and detail. The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan earns its place as classic. In order to participate in D&D Adventurers League games, you’ll need the following: - The basic rules; This PDF document is available for free on the Wizards of the Coast website. These mini-games crop up occasionally in D&D adventures, and as with anything else, some are done better than others. ... —BUT TREASURE … So my party (barbarian, cleric and sorcerer) just finished Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan and have now just reached level 7. Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan is a Dungeons & dragons roleplaying game adventure designed as an homage to the classic 1980 adventure. Retrospective: The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan In many ways, 1980's The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan is not unlike the more in/famous Tomb of Horrors-- a dungeon with lots of traps, few monsters, and little treasure explicitly designed as a test of "the skill and common sense of players," as states in its prefatory "Notes for the Dungeon Master." The best way I’ve found to handle any tamoacha that they run across is to hit them with a permanent option from the Bestow Curse spell until they get around to dealing with it.