Basically – if it can be sold on eBay, then we can sell it for you. The good news, now is the best time to sell stuff online because there are so many free ways to sell right away. ImageFoto/Shutterstock. If you want to move your stuff on Craigslist, ... “Sell in batches” is what got me to your impressive article. Looking for the best ways to sell your stuff online? While pawn shops do allow you to sell your stuff to borrow money, they also allow you to sell it permanently and keep the cash. I only sell brand new items so there is a less than 1% complaint rate (due to scammers and jerks on Ebay who want free stuff). You will be surprised at how many people sell stuff on eBay or craigslist. It’s tempting to list everything you own on Craigslist the day you decide to move abroad. More Cash, Less Hassle… Relax, We’ll handle everything! If you want to put extra money in your pocket, there’s no shortage of apps and websites that will help you sell your unwanted items. This time, I would act on those feelings. 10. I started with this because it’s the main place I go to when I want to sell stuff. 2. I have approximately 100 items of new/as new, mixed brand clothing that need to be photographed (some will need to be pressed), have a description written, advertised, sold & posted. (Please provide your eBay username) I’m not in a hurry to sell my items, I want to get the best prices I can for them. There are many pawn shops in our city and I have been very successful selling many items that would have been taken to The Salvation Army or Goodwill. Answer Centre. If you're not careful, you might undercut yourself and lose money. This is a partial list suggested by TechCrunch, but it would be best to do your own analysis of the service to figure out whether it would work for the kinds of products you want to sell. However, certain restrictions apply if you have already received bids on your item. #1 – FACEBOOK GROUPS. eBay. Sell My Stuff Canada’s sale proceeds are typically 2-3 times higher than traditional alternatives (hooray!). That is my solution because I do not like having garage sales or meeting strangers to sell an item. I typed “pimping ain’t easy” and got selling in batches, ok ok, bad humor…..I was looking at someone’s post a few minutes ago and saw the link to his other listings. Method #3 – Garage Sales. The advantage of using LetGo is that it’s extremely quick and easy to post a classifieds ad. Among the methods I’ve listed here to sell your stuff, Ex-Boyfriend Jewelry one might be my favorite. Sell junk jewelry to a jewelry store for the scrap value. For example, if you have used children’s clothes and toys, sell those in one lot. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3: 1. Why? Then sell them at auction, through eBay, or to a dealer or jewelry store. How to make money from your unwanted stuff: Everyone seems to be jumping on the tidy-up train and getting rid of all that unnecessary stuff that’s collecting dust. But if you need someone else to be incontrol of this new money cash flow — its worth it. Because it’s probably the quickest, easiest and least stressful way to do it! For myriad reasons, moving, downsizing, or embracing The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, there comes a time when you need to get rid of some of your stuff… Get Started. And depending on what you’re selling, you’ll want to choose the appropriate website. within a 30 mile radius) and they only sell sports items and electronics so wouldn't sell what i am looking for. We learned that when in doubt just post it anyway. 15 Websites to Sell Stuff Online. If you want to cancel your listing, you can do so at any time. You identify stuff to sell. The service also won’t handle, CDs, DVDs, items that aren’t in good condition or basically anything that would sell for less than $40. From printers to laptops, to game consoles to books! Whether you looking to make extra money this month or you are simply trying to declutter your home, selling stuff online is the fastest way to turn your stuff into cash. Would like some input/advice. We rented a little space in a place, and did very well. Hi, I have never come across any seller who sold on behalf of a friend who did not grow to regret it. The trickiest part of selling everything and starting over is figuring out when to sell things. I luckily landed on your article. See what others have done and experienced when selling their things in different ways. Tyler Durden quotes have new meaning for me. After you’ve practiced a bit with how to make a killer for-sale listing, it’s time to find your item a good home. When you decide to sell your items and how you are going to do so, do some online research. Great way to make money out of junk! Grab your smartphone and download the LetGo app to start selling your belongings at the touch of a button. In this article, we’ll cut through the clutter and give you the best ways to sell stuff online for top dollar — anything from furniture to clothes to accessories to used electronics. Current System Status Answer Centre. We charge a commission for successful sales and nothing if an item doesn’t sell. It's been a few years and we have opened a thrift store. I would take the rest with me on my motorcycle. Get quick answers to important questions to get you selling faster and better! Before you sell, give away, or trade in your device, you should first transfer information to your new device, then remove your personal information from your old device. My Thoughts. Pack up your items, print your free courier label and drop to a parcel shop. Let an experienced professional sell on your behalf. Make a moving timeline so you don’t sell all your stuff while you still need it. We also flipped larger and more unique items on Craigslist and Ebay. I have checked out the trading assistant in my area (i.e. Ask your friends more then likely they have or currently selling something on EBay. Stuff U Sell, a trusted and professional eBay sellers How it Works. Fantastic – Let’s get started on the options…. One auction we had someone went bidder crazy and bought an electric toothbrush from us for almost $200. Ex-Boyfriend Jewelry. Read Seller Updates System Status. Sell low-end costume jewelry at your next yard sale. First, have your antiques and good quality pieces appraised. Still want to sell your stuff? And when you do you will see that Friend or Family member’s worth in a whole new light. The plan was to sell all of my furniture, and only ship 4 boxes containing clothes plus a few sentimentals. Very simple to use! Got something to sell? Location is not a big deal for me since I handle all the shipping and I communicate with my Ebay Traders thru email and we both access an Excel spreadsheet in the cloud. Make it clear that you won’t want the item back, and that it is theirs to sell if you agree upon a sale price. The constraints were set. I’ve sold all kinds of stuff on Amazon since the time Amazon introduced this option! Research to see what prices your stuff might normally sell for. LetGo is a free mobile classifieds app that allows users to buy and sell their things locally. Backstory: we started out buying storage units. I am looking for someone that has proven experience selling clothes on eBay (or other). Sell My Stuff: Do Your Research. Sell lesser pieces on consignment or through eBay. My minimalism life was about to begin. You will not incur a fee if you cancel your listing and immediately sell to … Here are some online places to sell your stuff. And fewer people are bothering with the commotion of hosting a garage or yard sale, instead opting for online selling options. But your basement and attic may be bursting with possessions you no longer want, and you might be surprised by the amount you can pocket if you know the best ways to sell your stuff. It’s simple – Sell It For Me sells your stuff* for you on eBay (or other appropriate marketplaces). I don't know if it is just because I am quite tired and busy at the moment but the thought of having to buy an iron to iron it all, display it for photos and then list it and send it to buyers is not very appealing. You get paid! I need someone to sell my stuff too: I just don't have the time to take loads of pictures, write good long descriptive listings, load them all, answer questions then pack and post. Selling stuff on Amazon is a great way to de-clutter AND get paid for it! My husband passed away 16 months ago and I have been purging his and my things as I want to move closer to family. I use local groups that I am a member of to post ads, and I usually do this as I am decluttering. baby accessories. But be careful I listed something on craigslist and with in the hour I had scammers emailing me. 3. Get the news and insights you need to grow your business on eBay. *Top Tip – The eBay app is awesome for taking pictures and posting right away. Decluttering ― both your life and your home ― can have a calming effect. I live in Roanoke VA and don't have time to sell my own stuff on ebay. When you sell your stuff on sites like eBay or Craigslist, setting a price can be a deer-in-the-headlights moment. If you want to sell a bunch of your stuff, you can do it much faster and without the headaches that often come with online sales by using this service. I immediately wanted to know more about utilizing that. Buying on eBay Membership & account Packaging & … Search online for pawn shops near you and bring your items into the shop to ask what they might give you for the items. You shouldn't manually delete your contacts, calendars, reminders, documents, photos, or any other iCloud information while you're signed in to iCloud with your Apple ID. What some of our clients say. In such cases, sellers have the following options: Cancel and Sell to the Highest Bidder. If you prefer, just send it on to us yourself Sit back and relax. I have sold on behalf of friends/aquantances once or twice, & it was a nightmare. Users can also chat “instantly and privately” with buyers and sellers. I have heard of companies that do all the work for you, for a cut of what you sell. I'm having a massive clear out and de-clutter (due to hording lol) and selling lots of different stuff (baby toys, baby cloths, toddler toys, toddler cloths. We photograph, appraise, list and dispatch your stuff. Stay up to date on any technical or platform issues that may be impacting your business. You can’t pay them in lemon poppyseed muffins, but these people are there in your community. If you have the item ready to ship, it takes less than 15 minutes to get listed on Amazon! I want to hire someone to put stuff on Ebay. Call around ask about their services and prices. If your item sells, you pay 1/3 commission plus transaction costs Register Now. We are doing great and are now adding new furniture to the things we sell. But if you don’t have anything to sit on for a month before your move date, life will be pretty miserable. Does anyone have any suggestions for finding someone to sell my unwanted stuff. I have worked with Josh on several occasions to help my clients in downsizing or getting rid of excess furniture and clutter in order to put their homes on the market. A dictum of Feng Shui holds that the clutter in your life blocks you from moving toward your future. Batch or lot your items together. Answer Centre.